Motivation of Exploration (Part III) Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing
Source:Micius Salon Time:2021-04-01
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As mentioned in the previous section, the further improvement of information interaction efficiency and the security of people's privacy have been severely challenged. And quantum mechanics has been well ready for this. So how does quantum communication encrypt information? Can quantum transmission transport people from Beijing to Shanghai? What is the difference between a quantum computer and a classical computer? How fast is it? Can it quickly crack the phone records of terrorists and prevent disasters before "911" occurs?

Recently, the first quantum satellite was successfully launched and obtained good experimental results. The first quantum simulator that surpassed the early classical computers came out, and the quantum "Beijing-Shanghai Trunk Line" is about to be fully completed. Undoubtedly, quantum information science is moving away from pure basic research and is preparing to flex its muscles in applications. The Pan Jianwei team of the University of Science and Technology of China is the leader in this field. Please watch the last issue of Academician Pan Jianwei's report "Motivation of Exploration” - "Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing".

"In Einstein's words, one of the main purposes of the motivation of exploration is indeed to pursue ideological liberation. We have been afraid of the world since ancient times. After understanding the laws of the universe, you will become more intelligent. With wisdom, you will no longer be confused, and you will not feel uneasy because of your own existence in the universe. As you gradually understand the laws of the universe and understand the natural phenomena of nature, you will do anything, whether you succeed or not. In the end, you will become a benevolent person, you will not worry about loss and not consider what you will lose and what you will gain in this world. Although the road to the mastery of the entire science is relatively difficult, the ultimate goal is to learn to be a human being and to achieve wisdom, benevolence, and courage. " - Pan Jianwei

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