Motivation of Exploration (Part II) The Relationship between Information Interaction and Human D
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When it comes to A Journey to the West, what do you think of?

Was it accompanied by the sound of "distinctive" music, a monkey popped out of the rock, and then flied up to the sky and down into the sea?

That's right, he is our Monkey King, Sun Wukong, who has vast magical powers, like somersault cloud, farsighted and fiery eyes, and can hear voices a long way off and conduct seventy-two changes...

Take a closer look, huh? It seems that I also have farsighted eyes, because I have a telescope, and I also can hear voices a long way off, because I have a phone. I don’t have somersault cloud, but I can take a plane... Although the speed is not so fast...


Therefore, Wu Cheng'en (the author of A Journey to the West) is really amazing, how rich his imagination is to create a character with so many wonderful skills. But after thinking about it, the people who made our science today are even more remarkable. Human beings were born in such a short time relative to the universe, and scientists have been able to realize many of our imaginations through the exploration of the laws of the world. It's incredible that science and technology is developing so fast.

Academician Pan said that the advancement of science and technology relies on collective wisdom, mankind can create many brilliant results, and information interaction plays a very important role. Our ancestors invented signs and language because of information interaction, and by relying on collective power, were they able to survive 200,000 years ago defeating the homo rudolfensis who had bigger brain capacity than our ancestors. It is precisely because of information interaction, the collective debate of "The School of Athens" and the academic discussion of the "contending of a hundred schools of thought" have led to the rapid advancement of human science and technology today. In addition to information interaction, the protection of personal privacy is also a necessary condition for mankind to create brilliant results. Because if there is no protection of privacy, people will lose their creativity, as well as their freedom and diversity of thought.

Today, Moore's Law is coming to an end, and the rise in the efficiency of information interaction is limited. Moreover, with the development of modern technology, people's privacy protection has also been severely challenged. And quantum mechanics has been well ready for this after a hundred years of development. In the video, let us continue to follow the report "Motivation of Exploration" by Academician Pan Jianwei of the University of Science and Technology of China to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between information interaction and human development, and to have a preliminary experience of the magic of quantum mechanics.

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